About Erin

Deputy Editor, Southern Living Magazine. Digital and social media girl who learned everything with a pen and a reporter's notebook. Mom. Florida native celebrating all things kitsch, accidental Birminghamian. Is probably getting back from somewhere or heading somewhere. Knows: Elvis, journalism, pop culture, Southern artisans and emerging neighborhoods, vintage clothes, pugs, Yacht Rock. 

I'm a journalist, digital lady, mom, Elvis fan, and pug lover -- not necessarily in that order.

As Senior Editor at Southern Living Magazine, I travel the South gathering stories about contemporary Southern women (hint: they're more than mint juleps), and work with teams to together content for the sixth largest consumer magazine in the U.S.

I find great joy in jumping on planes, coordinating photo shoots, listening to people open up about their lives, and sharing with a few million friends.

I also manage Southern Living's blog, The Daily South, and am active guiding social media strategy. I love talking storytelling, technology, and the place where the two meet. With more than 20 awards for writing and editing, I'm always on the lookout for the next great story.

Born and raised in Clearwater, Florida (also home to Hulk Hogan and the original Hooters), I grew up surrounded by sandy white beaches and pink flamingos (which heavily influence my love of all things kitsch).

During my time at the University of South Carolina, I attended precisely one half of a football game, choosing to spend time instead writing about moody Irish feminist poets. 

I began my newspaper career while in college, writing for papers like The St. Petersburg Times and The Arizona Republic. Upon graduation with an ever-useful English degree, I accepted a plane ticket to Birmingham, Alabama to visit my parents an interview for The Birmingham Post-Herald. "I'll never live in Birmingham," were the precise words uttered.

15 years later, I'm one of Birmingham's biggest champions, often espousing the merits of its barbeque and cultural scene, not to mention the huge iron statue named Vulcan, under which my husband (Shane) and I wed.

For more than seven years, I  worked in public relations and fundraising at the University of Alabama at Birmingham's Comprehensive Cancer Center, serving as Director of Community Affairs from 2006-2008. I loved managing a non-profit, but was also thrilled to have the opportunity to return to full-time journalism five years ago. 

I'm proponent of grassroots social media education, and a founding member of the Alabama Social Media Association. I love to speak to groups about magazines, blogging, social media and the intersection of all of these things.

My son Nate, 7, also shares my love of Elvis. Husband Shane remains amused by my King fixation and the velvet Elvi that creep into their home. Our two pugs Lolita and Gatby are indifferent to it all, curled up on the couch snorting. We love spending time with our family (fondly referred to as "The Jazz Hands Family," spread out between New York, Alabama, Mississippi, and Florida).

I am frequently seen wearing gold shoes.