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The How To Do It Encyclopedia 

It's Saturday night and I'm Googling things like "Skin Care for 35 and Up." Oh heyyyy. Let's get this party started, Retinol! 

I feel like I need some anti-aging miracle after this week. It was a long and trying one. When a friend asked how a recent trip went, I told him that it had been more challenging than usual. He said he was suprised by that, because I sounded really upbeat about it from my status updates.

But that's what I do -- I am an editor. I research, report, write, and edit. And then re-edit. (I've written about this subject before, and it's a line I walk daily. What to say, what to keep?)

I try to be positive, posting photos of pork belly tacos (yum) and cool old books. I tell the funny stories of things that happen along the way, even when the laughter comes at my own expense.

Because who wants to read about someone's back hurting as she tries to find an Internet connection in a McDonald's parking lot/hotel room/airport? Who wants to read about the lonely parts? 

Truth: sometimes I'm looking for this (as spotted in a Charlotte bookstore):


And many days I feel like this (also seen in Charlotte):


But that's part of the drill. And the good outweighs the bad.  


Even this week. A week ago tonight the inspiration for the gold shoes met -- Stephanie and Christopher. That's a lot of gold shoe power:


And today we celebrated my nephew Henry's first birthday in Jackson. Happy Birthday Henry!  

Henry's first birthday On our way out of Jackson we ate at Babalu: Babalu

Tomorrow begins a new week. The good outweighs the bad. Let's go. 

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This post is a great reminder to stay positive when blogging and in life overall and to remember the good outweighs the bad. Thanks for this.
July 15, 2012 | Unregistered Commenterjavacia

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